Monday, May 23, 2005

'If You Would Like to Discuss This Further ...'

From the query page of the associational plaintiffs' website,

I just went on the Chicago Tribune electronic database. Today (May 6, 2005), there are 667 articles I wrote in its database. Why are companies still infringing copyrights when they were told not do so in 2001? Will publishers have to pay additional money for apparently violating the law (I never signed a contract with Trib)? Also every article has the following in parenthesis after a description of my article (pre-1997 Fulltext). What does this mean? Is this an attempt to avoid responsibility for copyright infringment?

REPLY: Publishers should not be posting and selling electronic copies of freelance articles unless they have the author's consent to do so, and the Settlement does not give any publisher or defendant database the right to do so unless and until it is finally approved by the Court. If you would like to discuss this further, please contact one of the Associational Plaintiffs or the plaintiffs' lawyers.


They forgot to supply the contact information.

Plaintiffs' lawyers:
Diane S. Rice,, 415.247.6000
Michael J. Boni,, 215.238.1700
A.J. De Bartolomeo,, 415.981.4800

Associational plaintiffs:
National Writers Union,, 212.254.0279
Authors Guild,, 212.563.5904
American Society of Journalists and Authors, 212.997.0947, fax 212.937.2315

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