Sunday, May 22, 2005

'Thomson Gale Quietly Rolls Out New Service'

See Information Today NewsBreaks, April 4, 2005,

The highlights:

* Days after the announcement of the copyright class action preliminary settlement, Thomson Gale "has quietly launched the beta of a new premium business content service for individual users."

* Known as "Goliath," its existence only became evident to Information Today's Paula Hane "during a search of premium content at LookSmart's site, which provides links to several premium content providers, including HighBeam Research, KeepMedia, ProQuest (just announced in March), and Goliath. A little Goliath icon led me over to the new site. Thomson Gale has not issued any press releases or announcements about the new service."

* A full subscription to Goliath costs $345.95 a month. "An individual article purchased directly at Goliath, or located through a service like and purchased at Goliath, costs $9.95."

* "The launch of the Goliath service marks a move by Thomson Gale into new territory -- outside of libraries."


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