Sunday, May 22, 2005

Thomson/Gale to Infringed Writers: Drop Dead

Below is the text of Thomson/Gale's "Important Notice to Freelancers" at It was issued by Christine M. Gordon, the company's senior vice president for copyright and licensing.

Christine Gordon and I go back a long way -- all the way to 1994, when Gale Group was called Information Access Company and was headquartered in Foster City, California, not Farmington Hills, Michigan.

More about my dear old friend Christine Gordon after a decent night's sleep. In the meantime read and weep.


Important Notice to Freelancers

Thomson Gale respects the intellectual property of others. The licensors of all articles appearing in our databases have assured us that they have the right to authorize electronic distribution of the materials they provide to us. If you are a writer, and if you have questions or concerns regarding the electronic distribution of your materials, we recommend that you contact your publisher directly. If you dispute the right of your publisher to authorize electronic distribution, you may provide us with a written notification of your claim and we will disable access to the materials. Your notification to us must be in writing and must include the following information. Access the form.

A full and complete identification of your article (namely, the title and listed author, where it was originally published, the original publication date, and the name of our database in which it appears);

Your name, address, telephone number, and (if you have one) your facsimile number and e-mail address;

A statement that you own the copyright at issue or that you are acting on behalf of the owner (and, if so, that owner's name, address and telephone number); and

A statement that you have a good faith belief that electronic distribution of the article has not been authorized by the author or by applicable law.

Your contact information must be accurate and complete so that we can confirm the authenticity of your request and follow up with you if we have difficulty identifying your article. You must sign your notification and affirm to the truth of the information provided in the notification under penalty of perjury.

You must send this request to us at the following address by U.S. Mail or overnight courier. (We regret that we cannot process notifications by fax, telephone, telegram, or email.)
Christine M. GordonSr. Vice PresidentCopyright & LicensingGale27500 Drake RoadFarmington Hills, Michigan 48331

We will, of course, forward a copy of your request to the licensor-publisher. We may restore an article to our online databases if it is determined that your publisher has the right to authorize electronic distribution.


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