Monday, August 15, 2005

ASJA Joins Objectors! (Well, Sort Of)

Readers of an online forum of the American Society of Journalists and Authors inform me that Jim Morrison, former ASJA president, is advising writers to withhold future electronic rights when they submit claims for the UnSettlement.

Paragraph 9 of the settlement agreement says: "The Associational Plaintiffs and their present officers and immediate past presidents will support, and publicly express their support for this settlement." Presumably this doesn't apply to Morrison because a new-new ASJA president was just installed, making him no longer the immediate past president but the immediate past president to the immediate past president. Still, the agreement also bars the associations from "undermining" it, which is defined as including actions “intended to encourage class members to … exercise the removal right in paragraph 5(a) …” (See “Not Just a Sellout -- a Giveaway,”

Shhh. Let’s nobody mention that Morrison is arguably violating the agreement he has touted for months. And now that he’s drifting toward our side, let’s encourage him to go all the way and back out of this whole terrible deal before it’s too late.


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