Friday, August 12, 2005

FLASH! Authors Guild Website Acknowledges Settlement Amendment

Two weeks and one day after the fact, the Authors Guild has gotten around to acknowledging that the UnSettlement has been amended. The home page at is now headlined, "Class Action Settlement Amended to Cover and Highbeam." Inside is the text of an email to members headed, "Regarding the Notice of Amended Settlement."

Now it's your turn, ASJA and NWU. Everyone into the pool!

The Authors Guild note is characteristically cryptic and spins like a top. "If you've registered your copyright in some of your freelance articles, and you're not sure whether your freelance articles are available at those websites, search them here: Amazon:; Highbeam:" That's not terribly helpful, especially with respect to Amazon, where I think the new infringer is the search on the top-right corner of the Amazon home page.


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