Wednesday, August 24, 2005

NWU Dips a Toe into the Pool; Now It's ASJA's Turn

Under the misleading home-page headline at, "New Settlement Amendment Widens Scope of Coverage (8/22/05)" -- which was just put up today, August 24, not August 22 -- is the following linked content inside:

Settlement Amendment Widens Scope of Copyright Settlement Coverage

As a result of a recent amendment to the $18 million copyright settlement approved by the court, the time for you to opt out of the class action settlement, file an objection, or opt back in if you have excluded yourself has been extended to September 12, 2005.

Additionally, because defendant publishers also sold articles to and Highbeam Research in recent years, the latter companies are included in the settlement. All articles registered with the U.S. Copyright Office before the sublicensing and delivery of those articles to (in most cases these articles were licensed on April 1, 2005) or Highbeam Research (in almost all cases onNovember 2003) will now be reclassified from Category B to the higher paying Category A.

A fuller explanation will be posted shortly. Meanwhile, read the [link] formal notice of the amendment posted by the court.The NWU urges writers to claim their share of the $18 million settlement if electronic databases have used their work, [link] click here.


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