Friday, September 23, 2005

Judith Trotsky: 'This Is the Kind of Truth Mismatch Journalists Are Trained to Catch'

From co-objector Judith Trotsky:

The new issue of the NWU’s American Writer contains "confidential" information which ASJA members were denied:

In an article by Miryam Ehrlich Williamson, we read that “at the initial face-to-face meeting of the plaintiffs and defendants, [former NWU president Jonathan] Tasini said plaintiffs were looking for $60 million. The defendants seemed shocked. [Former ASJA president Jim] Morrison said, 'They literally walked away from the table and said, "See you in court."'"

(Do note: years of out-of-court negotiation followed.)

Then: "Going to trial would have been a gamble for both sides. From the publishers’ point of view, the law must have seemed clear regarding the unauthorized sale of published work. The defendants (cq) ... had to wonder if they could recruit enough writers with the courage to stand up to the publishing industry and form a class big enough to justify the suit."

Aside from the nomenclature mixup above, we've been told that the agreement to the $18 million figure was so that even unregistered writers would get something....

I also note with some interest that, though ASJA seems to insist the organization may not legally be allowed to ay anything officially negative about the settlement, NWU, in its publication, appears not to be similarly bound.

This is the kind of truth mismatch journalists are trained to catch.


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