Monday, June 06, 2005

What I'll Certify Is That You Won't Tell Me Whether I'm a Class Member

Earlier today I posted my email to lead plaintiffs' co-counsel A.J. De Bartolomeo asking her to clarify some of the gobbledygook at the website. (That post is at

Soul of discretion that I am, I didn't complain to A.J. about a most annoying wrinkle at the comment submission page of the settlement site. Before your question can be transmitted, you must check the box affirming this text: "By checking the 'I Agree' box, I hereby certify that I am a class member."

'Course, that begs the question: How does one determine that he/she is a class member?

Ladies and gentlemen, this preliminary settlement is a bad joke on freelance writers and the public. If you're interested in joining the objection effort, feel free to contact me directly at


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