Saturday, July 16, 2005


JULY 15, 2005 -- Six co-objectors and I have formally filed our objection papers. The package of legal briefs, declarations, and exhibits totals nearly 1,000 pages.The 15-page list of objections can be viewed at The 31-page supporting memorandum is at My 19-page supporting declaration is at

Attorney Charles Chalmers has produced a brilliant and devastating portrait of a fatally flawed settlement. The title of Section II says it all: "THE SETTLEMENT PRESENTS COLLUSION ON ITS FACE."

Our blog will proceed to reproduce excerpts of the briefs with comments by myself and others. We also will post selections of the voluminous exhibits, both at this website and at the blog, as efficiently as possible.

My special thanks to our six co-objectors for doing the right thing. They are being given the choice of whether to post their declarations, and we'll do so in the order in which they might say "yes."

The "fairness hearing" before Federal Judge George B. Daniels will be in New York on Thursday, July 28.

We welcome comments to this blog or to me at

Irv Muchnick


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