Friday, September 30, 2005

Gone Fishin’ (In Jiangxi Province, China)

Your humble blogger already has reported that Judge Daniels gave final approval to the copyright class action settlement at Tuesday’s hearing in New York.

Edward Hasbrouck, who exposed some of the lawyers’ misrepresentations in court filings, tells me that the Authors Guild -- one of the “associational plaintiff” “winners” -- has sent around a new missive apologizing for not having communicated well to the class about recent developments, and promising to do everything in its meager power to help writers get their claims on file by the deadline. Which is today.

As the objectors begin preparing our pleadings to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, don’t forget also to send in (with a postmark no later than today) your denial-of-future-rights forms. We have downloadable samples at

And keep them cards and letters coming, as Dean Martin used to say. But don’t expect to hear much from this quarter for the next few weeks. That’s because I’m heading off to China on a mission more important than authors’ rights in the brave new digital world -- yea, even more important than my St. Louis Cardinals’ quest to win their first World Series in 23 years.

My wife and three kids will remain behind and, of course, will closely monitor the activities of the entities comprising the Defense Group, as well as their assorted parents, predecessors, subsidiaries, divisions, and affiliates, and all licensees thereof.

If, upon my return, I find that any of them have engaged in further monkey business, then I shall be forced to instruct the newest addition to our family -- Lia Fu Hao Schneider, born October 21, 2004 -- to pummel them severely about the head and shoulders.


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