Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Don't Forget the Latest Deadline: August 31

Many class members, including myself and other objectors, last month received notices identifying alleged defects in our claims submissions. Many of these alleged defects had to do with a failure to provide documentation of copyright registrations -- something that the associational plaintiff organizations had assured all of us was unnecessary. Acknowledging the confusion, the claims administrator later set a new deadline of August 31 to cure all defects, and backed off on requiring registration documentation (in most cases, submission of a verifiable registration certificate number, which can be found at the Copyright Office website, is sufficient).

Those of you following the scandalously misleading information that the UnSettlement parties have been presenting to the courts (the district court last year, and the Second Circuit Court of Appeals this year) have a sense of how this little administrative sideshow was playing out -- until objectors' attorney Charles Chalmers exposed the shenanigans of the lawyers on the other side.

Meanwhile, though, in order to maintain your claims eligibility, it's important for everyone to complete and return your amended claims information. Remember, your package must be postmarked by August 31.


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