Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Words of Wisdom from the Supreme Court

The 2001 Supreme Court ruling in favor of freelance writers in Tasini v. New York Times included a comment that remains increasingly relevant as 2007 turns to 2008, and as the sellout settlement negotiated by three authors' organizations in 2005 looks more and more like its headed to defeat in the courts.

In the new year I'll be discussing in depth just how relevant this remark is, and why. But let me close the old year by simply reproducing it again:

The Publishers’ warning that a ruling for the Authors will have "devastating" consequences, punching gaping holes in the electronic record of history, is unavailing.... The Authors and Publishers may enter into an agreement allowing continued electronic reproduction of the Authors’ works; they, and if necessary the courts and Congress, may draw on numerous models for distributing copyrighted works and remunerating authors for their distribution.


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