Monday, December 15, 2008

Supremes: Still No Word

Our case is not on either last Friday's list of appeal petitions granted or today's list of appeal petitions denied.

Though it is not up yet, that means that soon, perhaps later today, the Supreme Court docket will show that we have been rescheduled for discussion at a future conference of the justices. This would mark the fifth time the freelance copyright class action petition for certiorari has been "distributed for conference" -- the sixth time if you include the original distribution, which was interrupted by a request from the Court for the objectors to respond to the settlement parties' briefs.

A quick study of Supreme Court dockets posted at its website shows that this length of deliberation on a cert decision has not been seen in the last two years.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I called the Clerk's Office of the Supreme Court. The Court is on vacation until January 9, 2009. The Cert question is still being decided but the case has NOT been bound over for the next conference. A decision on Cert will not be released until at least January 9, according to what I was told.

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