Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Google Books Settlement Collapse -- Tweet By Tweet

From the timeline at

You heard it here 1st (OK, maybe 2nd or 3rd): Google Books settlement is going down. And no one at Google is losing sleep over it, either.Why the Google Books settlement is doomed: [freelancerights_blogspot_com]

Running next Monday in Beyond Chron: my essay "Google Books Settlement Bombs in New Haven."

Key to fate of Google Books settlement is not authors or publishers -- it's awareness of consumers/librarians that everything doesn't fit."Google Books Settlement Has Bombed in New Haven": [www_beyondchron_org]

My Google Books settlement piece published just as judge was throwing out Internet Archive motion to intervene -- they can still object.
No. 1 for "Google Books" at Google News: "Google Books Settlement Has Bombed in New Haven": Others in next tweets.
No. 2 for "Google Books" at Google News: "Steinbeck Heirs Seeks to Slow Google Books Settlement": [nytimes]

No. 3 for "Google Books" at Google News: "Internet Archive wants book copyright indemnity like Google":

No. 4 for "Google Books" at Google News: "174 writers, poets reject Google book search offer": [Yomiuri, Japan]

Google Books settlement seeks 60-day extension -- another sign they're in trouble:
More offshoots of "Google Books Settlement Has Bombed in New Haven." UK booksellers' oppositon: More in next tweets.Publishers Weekly: "resistance stiffening" to Google Books deal.

German authors outraged by Google Books -- 1,300 pen "Heidelberg Appeal" letter to President Kohler: [Der Spiegel]Look for "Google Books, Chapter 2: The Worldwide Resistance," Wednesday at"Google Books and 'Muchnick' -- Their Similarities Are Different": [freelancerights_blogspot_com]Google book settlement bulletin: Judge Denny Chin extends opt-out/objection deadline to Sept. 4; fairness hearing will be Oct. 7.Justice Department examining Google deal: [www_nytimes_com]


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