Sunday, July 26, 2009

New York Times: Obama Antitrust Chief 'Cracking Down'

The lead story in today's New York Times is headlined "Cracking Down, Antitrust Chief Hits Resistance." The online link is

The article talks about how Christine A. Varney and the new Obama team at the Justice Department, in a reversal of the Bush Administration, are working to tighten the antitrust noose in several industries. The Google Books settlement investigation is mentioned in passing, in paragraph 4 (before the continuation "jump" inside in the print edition of The Times).

Varney previously had delivered a speech on this subject and The Times covered it. Today's Newspaper of Record take is more specific and focuses on "resistance" she is encountering from established interests.

I have no inside information on any of this. But I know how to read my morning news over my third cup of coffee. The New York Times is the Twitter of the ruling class. These kinds of stories, and their prominent play, do not happen by accident. I am sure Judge Denny Chin and the parties of the Google settlement are taking note.


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