Friday, August 05, 2005

Supplemental Notice Emailed

This morning my inbox includes an email from the settlement administrator with the notice for the amended UnSettlement 2.0. Or as they put it, “Supplemental Notice Of Class Action Settlement And Notice Of Rescheduled Fairness Hearing In Re Literary Works In Electronic Databases Copyright Litigation.”

Funny, though: The “official” site still hasn’t been fully updated. It still says, “THE FINAL FAIRNESS HEARING SCHEDULED FOR JULY 28, 2005 HAS BEEN POSTPONED. FURTHER DETAILS WILL BE PROVIDED SHORTLY.” It still has reopened the “Request Exclusion” form while at the same time failing to publish the supplemental notice or a fully accurate “Important Dates” page.

I’ve learned never to discount the possibility of garden-variety incompetence. But if the UnSettlement 2.0 team thinks it can get away without clearly chronicling why the July 28 “final approval” hearing was postponed and exactly where things stand at this point, I believe they are mistaken.

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