Wednesday, June 08, 2005

UnSettlement Administrator: Don't Worry Your Pretty Little Head

Here’s some of the feedback we’re getting from writers trying to communicate with the UnSettlement claims administrator:

· Question: How can I check on articles from publishers/databases that are not listed? Boilerplate reply: Simply supply the info they request. Make it as detailed as possible (publication, date, subject, title). It’s not the author’s responsibility to establish when and on which databases articles were used. This will be established by the Claims Administrator using the information from the claim form.

· Another correspondent advises: “I’m doing nothing online. I had them send me a hard copy of the form.” This writer suggests that class members flood the administrator with paperwork of examples showing, for instance, that publishers have offered more for so-called Category C infringements ($5 to $60 under the UnSettlement) than are provided here for Category A’s (infringements of timely registered copyrights, which the UnSettlement caps at $1,500).


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