Thursday, September 15, 2005

Oh Really?

Plaintiffs' co-lead counsel Gary Fergus has responded to the objectors' recent motion for discovery.

"To the extent Objectors are seeking discovery on settlement negotiations, they have failed to meet the threshold requirement of citing evidence indicating collusion or conflict of interest faced by plaintiffs' counsel." Emphasis in original.

This was filed just before we gave the court the evidence of class counsel's shenanigans with former ASJA president Jim Morrison. See previous posts.

Earlier we'd exposed the fact that Authors Guild staff general counsel Kay Murray -- still cited as the organization's contact in publicity for the settlement, and cited by mediator Kenneth Feinberg as one of the "leaders" of the settlement negotiations -- has jumped over to a position in the legal department of the Tribune Company, a participating publisher. Fergus' take: The "employment decision of a former lawyer for one of the Associational Plaintiffs" is one of the "fishing expeditions unrelated to cogent objections."


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