Saturday, September 10, 2005

Tasini-Posner 'Important Message': We're Baaaack!

Former president Jonathan Tasini and current president Gerard Colby, the National Writers Union's answer to Abbott and Costello, are back with an edit of the Important Message they posted on August 24, then removed on August 30 after numerous observers, including yours truly, pointed out its numerous errors. (See "Earth to NWU: Do the Right Thing,"

It's only two days from the deadline to object or opt out! And it's a weekend!

Presumably Tasini and Colby simply cleaned up their errors. This took them only 11 days.

But, taking no chances, the Freelance Rights Blog will closely study the new sacred text to see if, for example, the NWU followed fellow associational plaintiff ASJA's lead and decided to admit that the UnSettlement includes that breakthrough in class-action chutzpah known as "license by default."

To help us interpret the newest verbiage, we sent out a desperate appeal to the Kremlinologists Temp Agency. However, most of the more qualified practitioners are currently tied up spending the "seconds" it takes to determine if they have UnSettlement claims. In an attempt to land one of them for this urgent mission, we've promised to acquire only First North American Serial Rights.

Back with a new post as soon as we know more.


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