Monday, December 12, 2005

Holiday Comic Relief: Google’s Crack Italian Translation Software

Search Google for “Tasini and Muchnick” and down the list you’ll get “Il caso Tasini: dopo la sentenza” (

The following is Google’s instant translation from the Italian.

The Tasini case: after the sentence

The next November the Internet Librarian Conference 2001 will be kept to Pasadena, between the participations one entitled session "THE TASINI DECISION: The End of Full Text as We Know It " Organized from the Southern California Online Users Group (SCOUG) .

The supreme court of the United States has decided in the cause on the Tasini case to favor of the publicists free-nozzles: editori and producers of bases give to you have smashed the law on the copyright, rendering accessible the articles of the writers professionals, already publish to you to press, in one base give to you electronic without the permission of the authors. Which will be the consequences of this sentence on the market of the information electronic?

The decision of the court leaves in fact a number of still unsolved issues, than they will not lack having important strascichi ( ).
Many producers of bases give to you have begun to eliminate articles of the publicists free-nozzles from the bases give to you, but if the perspective is not succeeded to find an agreement is for the publicists free-nozzles to lose an important occasion, their jobs in fact come eliminate to you from the "historical archives" and the consumers will have a information less and less complete. The New York Times Co has announced, as an example, that they have been eliminates from the base give to you Lexis-Nexis to you beyond 115.000 articles, the articles eliminates to you still appears as it turns out you of a search, because it indexes from the base give to you to you, but are not more available.

We signal some interesting articles appeared on the last numbers of Information Today and on The Charleston Advisor on the Tasini case, that they analyze to the aspects lawyers, the implications trade them and the possible scenes of the world of the information electronic, I offend possible solutions in order protect consumers, editori, producers of bases give and authors to you: like "surviving" to a sentence that risks otherwise to being a battle in which all the protagonists have something to lose.

Carol Ebbinghouse. Tasini Houses Final Decision: Authors Win. "Information Today". Volume 18, Issue 8 - September 2001 .

Quint Barbarian. Let' s Stop the Trash Trucks . "Information Today". Volume 18, Issue 8 - September 2001. Page 8

George H. Pike. Understanding and Surviving Tasini. Here is an analysis of what the Supreme Court did and didn' t say . "Information Today". Volume 18, Issue 9 - October 2001. .

Irvin Muchnick. Publish and Perish: Confronting the Post-Tasini World. "The Charleston Advisor". September 2001. .

While an other sentence joins to the sentence on the Tasini case: 9 October the Supreme Court of the United States has rejected to the question of appeal of the National Geographic Society against the photographers free-nozzles.In past March in fact the Appeals Court in the cause Jerry Greenberg and Idaz Greenberg against National Geographic Society, National Geographic Enterprises, Inc., and Mindscape, given Inc.aveva reason to free-nozzles.The publishing group had smashed the right of copyright using in the version on CD ROM the photographies of free-nozzles, without to ask of a specific authorization( ).

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