Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Lowdown on NWU Embezzlement

A source at the National Writers Union, on condition of anonymity, tells us this about the recent NWU embezzlement case:

"Two employees wrote themselves checks for more than $60,000. They were both indicted; one, a staffer, remains in jail, the other, a temp sent by an employment agency, is out on bail. Next court appearance is January 18 in New York Superior Court."

The source doesn't think this bears on the NWU's role in the class action settlement. I agree, to a point. Continuing the insider account: "The embezzlement was clearly a failure of management. The key to an automatic check-signing machine was not secured. (The machine is no longer in use and handwritten signatures are required.) The union's volunteer finance committee discovered the theft and blew the whistle. No officers have been charged with anything."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just like the great literary figure Captain Ahab, Mr. Munchkin's ill-advised and illogical obsessive quest to doom what is a fair settlement will end in utter failure. Unfortunately, the vast majority of freelance writers who strongly disagree with Mr. Munchkins's twisted logic will have to sit on the sidelines until Mr. Munchkin's tragic play closes. It is obvious from the writings of Mr. Munchkin that he has lost every bit of perspective and common sense. Hey Munchkin--try going to your local dictionary and look up the word "settlement." Simply put, a settlement is the end result of a negotiation to end a dispute. Both sides give and take to reach a conclusion that is satisfactory to both or all parties. Mr. Munchkin can't grasp the fact that the defendants are only protecting their interests in order to avoid countless individual lawsuits. I have been assured in writing that the Category C claims will not, under any circumstances, be reduced. All the claims are now in Mr. Munchkin. It is a fact that the Category C claims will be paid in full. There are no surprises in this area, so stop misleading everyone into thinking that there will be a reduction in Category C claims. Also, you seemed to take it personally that your attorney, Mr. Chalmers, was called a professional objector. Well that's exactly what he is. His resume is a series of failures. His main claim to fame is that he was able to reduce some attorneys fees in one case. Big Deal. You talk about Karma in some of your blogs. You better hope that Karma doesn't exist, Mr. Munchkin, or you'll be facing a lifetime of misery for holding up legitimate payments to freelance writers.

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