Thursday, November 29, 2007

'The Objectors Are Pleased This Unprincipled Action Will Not Happen For Whatever Reason'

I want to give my layman's emphasis to Point 5 of the Charles Chalmers statement just posted:

The C class, not to mention the much better paid B and A classes, were only getting compensation because they purported to bargain away the copyrights of those freelancers, from virtually every country in the world, who did not receive notice of the settlement, or understand what it was doing. The objectors found this to be an unprincipled action, and they are pleased that for whatever reason it will not happen.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I have already heard from a reporter a comment attributed to one of plaintiffs’ counsel. I won’t repeat it because the report may not be accurate. However, if anyone should suggest that the objectors ended up causing the C class, or the unregistered
copyright owners (keeping in mind that the C class included registrations after 2002), to get nothing, there are several important points to consider."
--Charles Chalmers

You've got to be kidding. Suggest the objectors ended up causing the C-Class to get nothing? What delusional planet is this guy living on? The objectors ensured
the C-class would get nothing the minute they filed this appeal. It doesn't take a genius to figure that out. Now, instead of at least getting back something
for all those years of work, they've guaranteed that the C's get nothing. Nice accomplishment. This was nothing more than a misguided attempt to extort more
money from the publishers, but it backfired big time. The objectors should be ashamed of themselves.. They've hurt a lot of innocent people. The ironic thing is that it wasn't anything they actually did to cause this disaster. No, no great legal theory, just two moronic judges. And now Mushnick and the attorney are taking credit like they won some sort of landmark legal battle. What a sad

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