Monday, January 05, 2009

Now We're at the January 9 Supreme Court Conference

After being distributed for discussion at the justices' conferences on September 10, October 29, November 20, December 1, and December 8, the petition for certiorari is now listed on the docket for the Supreme Court conference this Friday, January 9.

Rolling over the question to this many conferences is very unusual. But that's about all we can say about it until we learn -- maybe as soon as Friday or next Monday, or maybe not -- whether the court has agreed to hear the appeal.


Anonymous Moxie said...

Irv, note that today's Supreme Court conference (1/9) has another copyright case from the 2nd District that is being appealed (digital TV on demand); appears to involve "bigger fish" than us & has had many supporting briefs filed from the likes of Sony & Major League Baseball.
Perhaps the Court has been delaying us to allow consideration of both copyright cases at the same time.

8:06 AM  
Anonymous moxie said...

This afternoon the Court granted cert in four cases; ours was not listed (and neither was the other copyright case, in which one of the parties is Cable News Network).
The regular orders list is due Monday.

In the brief filed by Reed in our case, there was a plea to the Court to resolve our case without waiting for other cases to percolate through the lower courts; I wonder if this CNN case was one of the "others" the Reed lawyers had in mind ...

5:32 PM  

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