Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Brits, Like the Canadians, Get It

The new issue of London Freelance, the publication of the London Freelance Branch of Britain’s National Union of Journalists, has a nice piece about our opposition to the copyright class action settlement. Go to:

“$18M for freelances? Not enough, say some”

A few small corrections and additions:

* The final “fairness hearing” before Judge Daniels is July 28, not July 18.

* Judge Daniels will not be hearing a motion to dismiss the settlement. Rather, he’ll be considering the parties’ motion for final approval of the settlement, along with our objections.

* The deadline for objections or “opting out” is July 15. Anyone who is considering objections should contact me at info@muchnick.net. (And of course, all important documents are still up at our website, http://freelancerights.muchnick.net/.)


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