Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Complete And Unexpurgated: Declarations of the 11 Incredible Shrinking Category C Claimant Declarants

In response to popular demand, here are the declarations of the 11 writers who, at the behest of counsel for the plaintiffs, filed statements in September 2005 supporting the UnSettlement and telling their own stories. We'll comment further later.

Heidi Siegmund Cuda of Los Angeles (estimated more than 900 C claims, $22,000)

Hilary de Vries of Los Angeles (estimated 399 C claims, $18,500)

Pamela Ferris-Olson of Centerville, Ohio (estimated 1,548 C claims, $9,962.50)

Hugh Hart of Van Nuys, California (estimated 1,100 C claims, $10,000)

Bart Mills of Manhattan Beach, California (estimated 3,000 C claims, $20,000)

Nancy Mills of Manhattan Beach, California (estimated 2,500 C claims, $15,000)

Martha Russis of Glenview, Illinois (estimated 600 C claims; also 650 registered works in the A and B categories; total estimated claim $110,000)

Richard Scherr of Owings Mills, Maryland (estimated 2,204 C claims, $15,000)

Jeff Seidel of Baltimore (estimated 3,300 C claims, $21,000)

Gary Taylor of Houston (estimated 1,200 C claims, $13,000)

Susan Wallace of Liverpool, England (estimated 200 C claims, no dollar figure given)


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