Monday, July 10, 2006

This Is What Happens When You Blog from the Front Seat of a Used Minivan

Several alert recipients of the email burst that was sent out a couple of hours ago helpfully point out that the cut-and-paste job there was incomplete. The blog item itself, and the link thereto, were fine, but the text stripped into my email included only LexisNexis lawyer Charles Sims' letter to the court of last Thursday. It cut off objectors attorney Charles Chalmers' letter of today.

To avoid making the same mistake twice, may I advise you just to go right to this blog link:

"UnSettlement Parties File 'Corrected' Briefs; Appellants Object to Irregularities"

This is what happens when you blog from the front seat of an old Toyota Sienna, on the parking lot outside the Contra Costa College swimming complex, while your toddler is crawling all over you and your ten-year-old daughter is about to emerge from one of her final practices before this weekend's Junior Olympics meet in San Jose. (Her starts were much improved today, thank you very much.)

To quote the UnSettlement lawyers -- who made the comparatively trivial mistake of illegally filing outside-the-record information with the appellate court, and then said the information was wrong -- I "apologize for the inconvenience."


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