Monday, June 26, 2006

Named Plaintiff Paula 'Pinocchio' McDonald -- No. 2 of the Category B Goldust Twins

Paula McDonald is a named plaintiff. As was explained with Mary Sherman in the previous post, it is reasonable to consider that McDonald's attorneys might have been keeping her apprised of developments in mediation, including what wound up being set as a 12/31/02 registration cutoff date for Category B.

On October 10, 2000, according to my notes from Copyright Office records, McDonald filed seven omnibus registrations covering 94 works:

- 9 contributions from 1993 for various publications
- 26 contributions from 1994 for various publications
- 27 contributions from 1995 for various publications
- 10 contributions from 1996 for various publications
- 7 contributions from 1997 for various publicatons
- 9 contributions from 1998 for various publications
- 6 contributions from 1999 for varous publications

In addition, the Copyright Office records show that on November 1, 2002, McDonald filed a registration entitled "January Baja events and other contributions." In all likelihood, this is another omnibus registration, but the online record fails to list the individual works, so we don't know how many there are for that one.


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