Monday, June 26, 2006

Named Plaintiff Mary Sherman -- No. 1 of the Category B Goldust Twins

In the previous blog we explained the tremendous advantages to infringed writers of having claims in Category B. We also scratched our heads over why the settlement agreement has such a category, whose December 31, 2002, cutoff date for registration of copyright is capricious on its face.

Now here's some of the rest of the story.

Mary Sherman is a named plaintiff. That means that it is reasonable to consider that her attorneys might have been keeping her apprised of developments in mediation, including what wound up being set as a 12/31/02 registration cutoff date for Category B.

On December 13, 2002, according to my notes from Copyright Office records, Sherman filed eight omnibus registrations covering 286 works:

- 3 contributions from 1990 (Boston Globe)
- 14 contributions from 1994 (Boston Herald)
- 47 contributions from 1995 (Boston Herald)
- 48 contributions from 1996 (Boston Herald)
- 50 contributions from 1997 (Boston Herald)
- 47 contributions from 1998 (Boston Herald)
- 50 contributions from 1999 (Boston Herald)
- 27 contributions from 2000 (Boston Herald)


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