Friday, June 23, 2006

What's Your Screwy Claims Administrator Story?

"On Monday I received a form letter citing one 'Work' as incomplete. It stated that I neglected to indicate if I had registered this one work with the Copyright Office. When I looked at the photocopies of I'd sent in, there is clearly no way one could have missed the checked box, indicating no copyright registration. I promptly answered the form, photocopied it, and mailed it back with a copy of my copy of the original form. I [then] emailed a friend 'claimant' and -- whaddya know! -- she, too, had received a form letter to the same bogus tune. As, it turned out, did many of her friends."

* * *

"Something underhanded appears to be going on.... Repeatedly the Claims Administrator (or whoever) has garbled the titles of my stories and my late husband's. If the Claims Administrator does not use the correct titles I sent, how can they investigate if the stories were used without permission. (I think the point is, they can't.) The titles don't even make sense. If garbling the story titles is a deliberate attempt to deprive the writers of money that's due us, it should be exposed...."


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