Sunday, July 02, 2006

'This Case Is Not Even a Joke. It's a Fake Settlement'

From a blog reader:

This case has veered into the truly surreal.

My situation may be a little unusual, since I was employed by one of the defendants as an editor at the time of the infringement. After I left this defendant's employ, I consulted a copyright attorney.

I couldn't afford the 30-40K necessary to pursue my own claim, so I had the attorney write a letter to the employer-defendant. Their general counsel wrote back to say there was already a settlement underway.

So I made my C-Class claims by the deadline.

Now, I'm really struggling to get this straight. In a world where the FBI arrests movie-tapers for copyright infringement, my "recovery" from this alleged settlement may be nothing at all.

This case is not even a joke. It's a fake settlement from a fake legal system.


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