Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Do the Math: 400 writers x 20 'A' claims each = $12 M

A blog reader points out a much more elegant (if that's the word) way to visualize how not just the C subclass, but even many A's and B's, could left out in the cold by the UnSettlement:

If just 400 writers have 20 registered (Category A) claims each, they will swallow $12 million. Remember, the settlement fund claims cap is $11.8 million.

These are back-of-the-envelope numbers, of course. A class member gets $1,500 for each of the first 15 subject works for any given publisher, $1,200 for each of the next 15, and $750 thereafter.

But they make the point. Does anyone out there, lawyer or lay person, really think $11.8 million ($18 million less attorneys' fees and other costs) comes anywhere close to covering the decades-long willful infringement in this case that enabled the launch of the multibillion-dollar global electronic article database industry?


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