Thursday, July 27, 2006

Lawyer De Bartolomeo Hasn't Answered Her Declarant's Questions

Before posting the information about the 11 writers who were recruited last year to file declarations in support of the settlement, I made a good-faith effort to reach all of them. I wanted them to know that this was a very serious business. Above all, in their own interests, I wanted them to know -- and I wondered if they already had been told -- that the various anticipated claim awards cited in their declarations, all in the tens of thousands of dollars, could very well turn to dust with the C Reduction. (Any of you who are new to this story can catch up on the blog.)

One of these "Incredible Shrinking Category C Claimant Declarants," Pamela Ferris-Olson, responded with nonsense squared, followed by defensive silence.

Another, Bart Mills (whose wife, Nancy Mills, also was a declarant), was more forthcoming. "In the spirit of honest inquiry," as he put it, he forwarded the pertinent questions about the grave possibility of the C Reduction early this week to A.J. De Bartolomeo of the San Francisco class-action factory Girard Gibbs & De Bartolomeo LLP, co-lead counsel for the plaintiffs and the person to whose declaration in support of the brief for approval of the settlement the 11 writers' own declarations were appended.

Yesterday a Girard Gibbs paralegal emailed back to Bart Mills and asked for his phone number so De Bartolomeo could call him.

De Bartolomeo did not call Bart yesterday.

De Bartolomeo did not call him today.

Will she call him Friday? And if she does, will she tell him the truth?


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