Sunday, October 23, 2011

Read the New Ebook Novel, ‘The Midget’s House,’ by Freelance Co-Objector Anita Bartholomew

Anita Bartholomew, a key co-objector of the years-long Freelance settlement fight, has published her novel, The Midget’s House, on various ebook platforms. Yesterday I downloaded it on Amazon Kindle, and I just finished it. Great read: vividly and tautly written -- the kind of literary experience, perfectly suited to new electronic vehicles, we’ll all be enjoying a lot more in the coming years.

The Midget's House
is available for $2.99 on both Amazon Kindle ( and Barnes & Noble’s Nook ( An iBook version is in the works.

Anita was, and remains, the most indefatigable objector and thorough researcher of the “license by default” issue. Congratulations on The Midget’s House!