Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"C" Claims Attorney Chalmers Opens Informational Blog

Charles Chalmers, attorney for the "C" or unregistered claims in the Freelance settlement, has set up a blog where, beginning next Monday, September 30, he will address, "frequently, whether there is a settlement, the current expectations for a settlement, the reasons for delay and other information." Class members can send questions to chalmerscd@gmail.com. Chalmers assures correspondents that your identities will be kept confidential, but you will have to use the names under which you filed claims. The web address of the blog, "C Claims Info," is http://cclaimsinfo.blogspot.com/.

Friday, September 06, 2013

Attorney Charles Chalmers' September 5 Status Report to Court:

"This supplements the report to the Court in the letter from Michael Boni, dated August 2, 2013. The plaintiffs’ counsel, and the undersigned representing Category C claims in the negotiation for a Revised Settlement, remain committed to presenting that settlement by September 30, 2013. Defense counsel advise they working to achieve that goal, and that they will have a more complete picture in about two weeks, if not sooner."