Friday, November 30, 2007

Wall Street Journal Gets Some of it Right

To Chad Bray (

Mr. Bray:

I am the lead objector to the copyright class action settlement that got thrown out by the Second Circuit. Your report in The Wall Street Journal is the only one I've seen anywhere that actually mentions why the appellate court was reviewing the district court's approval of the settlement in the first place. Congratulations and thank you.

All of your colleagues apparently would have their readers believe that the Second Circuit parachuted down out of nowhere to trash the settlement. Though it's probably not realistic to expect journalists employed by defendants and interested parties in this case to report the story exactly as I would, this fundamental disconnect is striking.

Irvin Muchnick


Anonymous Anonymous said...

For those of you who still had a scintilla of a doubt what this appeal was about, this post by Mr. Muchnick is your proof. Mr. Muchnick is a mico-esteemed person who has to be in the spotlight to validate himself. Right to the very end, he has to show the world who was responsible for this disaster. His proclamations that he filed this objection for principled reasons are now finally exposed for what they are; a cry for attention. He was so worried through this ordeal that the C level claims were getting screwed. The fact that the C level claims have now been reduced to zero (How's that for a C-reduction), means nothing to Mr. Muchnick. As long as he gets his name in the paper and the world knows it is him that caused this chain reaction, all is right in the universe.

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