Friday, August 02, 2013

Attorneys’ Report to Judge Daniels: Intend to File Revised Settlement Agreement by End of September

The following is the text of a letter sent by fax today to Judge George B. Daniels by Michael Boni, attorney for the A-B plaintiffs. Dear Judge Daniels, I write on behalf of the plaintiffs, the defense group and counsel for the former objectors Charles Chalmers (“the parties”), in response to Your Honor’s July 23, 2013 request for a status update. The parties have finalized a Revised Settlement Agreement and exhibits thereto, including proposed long form and summary notices of class action settlement. At this time certain members of the defense are attempting to garner support for the settlement from the publishers of the original freelance works at issue. We are advised this process should take several more weeks. It is the parties’ intention to file the Revised Settlement Agreement and motion for its preliminary approval by the end of September 2013. In the meantime, we will further update the Court in 30 days. Respectfully yours, Michael J. Boni


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