Thursday, August 08, 2013

Note on Technical Problems at FreelanceRights.Blogspot.Com

As readers will see, I am having a terrible time with the typography of recent posts here. ¶ For some reason I can't figure out, paragraph breaks are not working. ¶ Since content has been so sparse, I haven't taken the time to focus on a solution. ¶ However, since Freelance Rights seems to be the sole resource for updates on the settlement negotiations among the named plaintiffs, the defense group, and the former objectors, it is important to publish updates such as the one I just posted moments ago from attorney Charles Chalmers. ¶ My interim solution is to put this paragraph sign, ¶, hopefully along with blank spaces, in between paragraphs. ¶ That should at least help all of you make sense out of the text. ¶ Thanks for your patience.


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